Sardinia is one of the most beautiful and biggest islands of the Mediterranean Sea.

Very fascinating  region, predominantly mountainous and hilly, Sardinia is in part characterized  of high and rock faces which hide thousand-year-old caves and unspoilt beaches; the latest can be added to the very long, white, crystal water and more famous beaches to the national and international public.

Besides the virgin areas, in Sardinia it is also possible to find out places rich of history. The island was always a desirable territory of conquest since the ancient times due to its strategic position in the centre of the Mediterranean Sea.  Evidences of the numerous cultures followed by one another in the island are spread all over the territory: Prenuragic civilizations, Nuragics, Phoencians, Carthaginians, Romans, Vandals, Byzantines, Genoese, Aragoneses, Spanish and Piedmonteses, all of them left marks of their presence.

Sardinian culture is characterized by richness and variety. The language, customs and the gastronomic tradition of the island are, indeed, the inherence of the passage of these civilizations  in Sardinia. The feasts, celebrations and events celebrated during the year in the whole region, rise the interest of whom are interested in knowing the peculiar and renowned Sardinian culture. “Pane carasau” (typical bread), Sardinian gnocchetti (typical pasta), roast pork (su porcheddu),  typical Sardinian cheeses, “Cannonau”  wine, “Vermentino” of Gallura(white wine) and the “mirto” of Sardinia (typical liquor) represent a few of the traditional deliciousness to taste in the island.

The National Park of “Gennargentu” and of the archipelago of “La Maddalena” are the conservation areas established  in the territory.

The Costa Smeralda, on North-East of the island, and the as much famous area of Alghero, North-West , since the 1960s are the main centres of tourism concentration of the island. Nevertheless, all the island is a territory to discover, from the coast to the most hidden corner of the inland, which, doubtless,  will let stand open-mouthed the traveler, desirous of knowing new and fascinating places.

Furthermore, Sardinia is the ideal place for all the lovers of sports and activities in touch with the nature. Mountain biking, trekking, ippotrekking, climbing and birdwatching are all activities which will help to discover breathtaking landscapes between mountain and sea. Activities closer to the sea, wind and  sand are feasible as well in the region: fishing, diving, snorkeling, windsurfing and surfing are all sports in which the tourist can find his natural dimension.

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